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Facilitation Services

Talent development is crucial and equips your workforce with the tools and strategies they need to do their jobs well. Whether you need an additional facilitator for your organization’s training initiative, or to moderate a team building session, Serenity can help. Work with us to deliver your organization’s existing training and/or training designed by your in-house development professionals. We provide facilitation services that are high-energy, interactive and engages participants throughout our time with them. Partner with us so you can focus on the outcome and achieve the results you need.

  • Facilitation support for virtual or in person sessions at any location of your choice

  • Our facilitators bring real world workplace experiences into the classroom to emphasize the training relevance and increase the ease of transfer of knowledge and applicability to the workplace

  • Customized team building facilitation to address unique challenges that could result in dysfunction and disengagement. 

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