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Human-Centric Consulting Services

At Serenity, we believe that the employee is the heartbeat of a thriving workplace culture. That’s why we offer customized human-centric leadership development solutions that empower leaders to reach their full potential. We bring the rigor of clinical psychology to the workplace. Our approach is grounded in positive psychology and focuses on creating a space for leaders to explore their leadership capacity.

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Interactive and highly engaging facilitation services focused on leadership development, designed to help learners build, apply, and utilize skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom.

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Using a strengths based approach, coaching sessions are informed by the latest research in cognitive and positive psychology to help professionals reach their full potential.

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Group therapy

Facilitation of discussions focused on challenging workplace topics aimed at fostering empathy, togetherness, and an overall sense of belonging among colleagues. 

Facilitation of our human centered leadership trainings that enables introspection, understanding, skill building, and growth -- each customized to fit the needs of your organization.

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